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Police and EFCC informant ‘Alhaji gay’ murdered in Lagos

Although many might not know him, Razak Adetunji Adeniyi fondly called ‘Alhaji Gay’ has met his demise in the hands of unidentified persons.

Alhaji Gay is popularly known for his activities of arresting fraudsters and those involved in cyber crimes – yahoo boys.

In spite of his success in arresting the fraudsters on different accounts the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC has denied that he was working on behalf of the anti-corruption body.

He was killed yesterday at Agbado Ijaiye, in Lagos. People in the area gave accounts that there have been several attempts on his life; he has been stabbed and shot before but he survived. People after him succeeded this time. Sad!


Posing as an EFCC officer, Alhaji Gay has extolled a lot from cyber hustlers (yahoo boys) in the name of avoiding arrest.

Alhaji Gay go as far as Ghana, Cotonou and even Togo to harass ‘yahoo boys’.

One Henry who is based in Ibadan sometimes in 2011 gave this account of his ordeal with Alhaji Gay;

‘This man is a thief….He came for me and he did not see but he arrested my friends and he demand for 2 millions naira and we paid him 800,000 naira and still he went to Ghana to arrest my friends…

Please ibadan police just shot this man because if is release am sure Lagos police we like him because they both work together’ Henry said.

Here is from Ayobami who also complained in 2013 said,

“this guy must be properly dealt with or else be ready for a civil war in Nigeria cos i know of whom this Alhaji gay arrested illegally and collected 2.5 million from the person and eventually kill the guy.Please this guy is a killer.”

Until his death, he was a very powerful man who was feared by all. His boys have hit the streets vouching that they will bring down the killers of their boss, but at the moment, soldiers have been deployed to his two hotels in order to restore peace.


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