"If There is Hell Fire, it is in Nigeria where all Nigerians are Roasting" - Bisi Alimi - Politics,Gossips & Nollywood

“If There is Hell Fire, it is in Nigeria where all Nigerians are Roasting” – Bisi Alimi

Bisi alimi the first Nigerian to declare publicly his support for same sex marriage caused a stir after he mocked Nigerians saying “if there is indeed anything like HELL FIRE, it is down in Nigeria, where all Nigerians are roasting” and that Nigeria is been use as an experiment. Read his post below from his facebook page.

Bisi_alimi_gay_nigeria bisi_alimi

Trust Nigerians to come for him especially talking ill about there gods, check some of there replies below

Peters said on Facebook,

“You are a Nigerian but in an asylum in the UK. Why do you refer to Nigeria as ‘that country?’ If you do not like something and you are passionate about doing it differently, you need to champion the change you desire. Come back home to assist. It is inappropriate to describe your country with derogatory adjectives.”

He also urged Alimi to study the lives of people who had effected changes in different parts of the world, saying they were individuals who never cast aspersion on their countries.

Another Facebook user, Allwell Opara, said Alimi would not have used an “abusive” language against his country if he had a proper understanding of the stages the UK facilities he used to assess Nigeria went through.

According to Opara, patriotic citizens built the UK, not the likes of Alimi.

Opara added,

It is so sad that this is coming from someone I thought would be more reasonable and sensible on social media. If Nigeria is cursed, it means every Nigerian, including Alimi, is cursed. No matter how long you live abroad, the blood of a Nigerian flows in your veins. We love our country while we hope for a change one day.

Even those who agreed with Alimi’s conclusion condemned his words, describing them as “offensive and unbecoming of a civilised individual”.

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