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Bisi Alimi- Shared Story of How Homophobic Nigerians Prevented Visits to Mom in 8yrs

Bisi Alimi first gay in Nigeria to admit on national TV, now a gay activist and a resident of London shared a family photo of his mom whom he has not seen in 8yrs due to the stigmatization of gay people in Nigeria.

Bisi Alimi was born in the Mushin district of Lagos,attended Eko Boys High school.Graduate of Ogun State Polytechnic and Unilag. On April 12, 2007 he was forced to flee Nigeria following threats to his life. He was granted asylum in 2009 by the UK, where he has been resident since

Read his story below.

Here is my mum, I saw her last was 8years ago, everyday and every night I always ask myself, will I ever see her and my father again? What prize is so great to pay to not be able to see once parents? I speak to them on the phone everyday. My father has grew older and wiser. We laugh a lot on the phone now, something we never did for a long time. It took me such a long time to really know how funny my dad is. My mum can’t go a day without a call to her “iyanda Ade, omo esho”. She has come to respect my wish and love me. I have also come to respect her wish and love her so much too. I have no idea why I posted this picture 7 years ago, but gosh! I really miss my parents. One, one day I am sure, I will see you guys again, alive, well and in good health. If you are out there and you are one of the reason I ran out of #Nigeria, think deep about your hate, question it, look into the eyes of my mother and ask yourself (does she deserve not to have seen her son that long? Or does he deserves not to have seen his family for that long because of my opinion, hate and Bigfoot, informed by our religion?). Believe me, there is still room to be a loving religious person, who sees #LGBT as human being and love them equally. Love does not hate, it questions so that it can’t love better. Have a nice day

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