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5 reasons why couples should travel together

5 reasons why couples should travel together

‘Till death do us part’, is one of the widest used marital vows in the world. The question for many couples, however, is how to keep the romance alive and actually stay together till death separates them and a proven way to boost your romance is travelling.

If you are yet to set out on a wistful journey with your spouse, Jovago.com, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal shares 5 reasons why couples should spice up their relationships by travelling together.

Encourages better communication

Several surveys lends credence to the fact that couples who travel together have less disagreement than couples who do not. Visiting a destination like Obudu cattle ranch in Calabar involves planning and if both couples can pull it off, it brings them closer. This will build understand and make them patient with each other.

Experience something new

Since both couples are in a long time marital journey, travelling together can help them experience something new rather than the daily routine. Travelling can create an everlasting insignia in the hearts and minds of couples thus making them fonder of each other.

No need to sweat little things

Planning to travel can be both demanding and hectic. If both couples travel often, they will rarely complain about who pays for flight tickets, hotels bills and other overhead expenses. In fact, if they inadvertently lose their luggage, they will take it in their strides. No need to sweat it. This is what travelling does to couples.

Both have a good sense of humour

Travel memes never cease when you are in a cosmopolitan city like Lagos. Couples will always have something to laugh about. Remarkably, couples who go on vacation most times evolve a sense of humour which can only metamorphose if they travel together especially when things go terribly wrong.

Become best friends

Since both couples have fewer distractions when they travel, they become best friends. It is more pleasant when their children are not home and then they can travel. They get to know each other and stick together especially when they are having challenges.

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