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5 ways to deal with holiday

5 ways to deal with holiday

Lagos seems to have been temporarily purged of its horrific traffic as well as the comical relief it offers on a daily basis because many of its inhabitants are yet to return from their holiday trips. Many who stayed back in the center of excellence wished that the ‘sane’ atmosphere experienced during the holiday season would continue. But the truth is that this is likely not to happen.

Wondering how you will cope with the stress when Lagos returns to its normal mode?Jovago.com, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal highlight 5 reliable ways to beat post-holiday stress.


This is probably the most reliable idea for overcoming stress. Its benefits cannot be overemphasized. A 20th-minute walk, run, swim or dance session can do magic to the body. You will definitely feel the immediate impact of your exercise session.

Have a sense of humour.

Having a good sense of humour is another subtle way of conquering stress. According to lifestyle experts, the human brain is closely connected with our emotions and facade. When someone is stressed, it is reflected on their on their faces. But laughing and smiling often will help ease some of the tension and improve the situation.


Engaging in meditation and mindful-prayer when you are stressed will help the body and mind relax and focus. Meditation can emphatically help you have fresh perspectives about issues: develop self-compassion and forgiveness. One exercise that you can employ as a form of meditation is yoga and here are various yoga classes around Lagos.

Identify your hang-up

What exactly is causing your stress? Is it the Christmas shopping and partying or something else? Being able to identify your stress triggers is key in beating stress. The more you can identify your triggers and learn to manage it, the better for you because you will be less anxious and be free from stress.

Take a deep breath

Breathing properly is something many take for granted, but concentrating on it and taking it slow can help bring your body back into balance and calm you down. When your body is anxious, the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide is unstable according doctors. So, do not hesitate to take intermittent breath in order ease stress.

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