Amber Rose Reaction After Her “bring back the bush” Nude Got Deleted from Instagram

Amber Rose bushwhacked Instagram’s no-nudity policy and got the photo removed, but it still lives on … as does her campaign to “bring back the bush.”

Fig – Amber Rose aka Sebastian’s Mom

Pic credit: amber’s Instagram

Amber pushed IG’s boundaries late Friday night by posting a bottomless pic of herself … and it was deleted within 2 hours. It didn’t matter though, because her “fire ass feminist post” had already been picked up … plus she posted on Twitter too.

Rose added a reply to the pic’s removal shortly after … claiming she didn’t give a f*** and making her intentions perfectly clear.

Watch her reaction below:

Some reactions on Instagram and twitter

  • geriselnyxHonestly that wasn’t feminist, maybe you thought it would be but in all it was just material for guys to jerk off and fetishize the women body even more. That picture is not gonna make society see women as equal but as a sex symbol
  • sowhataboutthisteaHaving your pussy out for public display is NOT feminism. You keep trying to mix your inalienable rights and freedom to do as you want with feminism. It’s kind of sad and you reek of attention seeeking.

Here is the Picture again just in case you miss it in the post.

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