Nicki Minaj Reveals Lady Leshurr Was Offered $250k To Start Rap Feud – WATCH

Nicki Minaj has revealed that UK rapper Lady Leshurr was offered $250,000 to start a rap feud with her.

The ‘No Frauds’ rapper posted a clip from an interview on Instagram, showing Leshurr describing the situation.

nicki minaj

NO 1 WOMAN SHOULD HAVE ALL THIS POWER!!!!! *Kanye voice*” she began.

Sis they been lookin for a test dummy for years. There would’ve been lots of party favors in it for ya. U ain’t know? Haha! Fix it Jesus! P.S. [love her accent]

Lady Leshurr revealed she turned down the large sum of money that was allegedly offered by Atlantic Records in the US.

The label apparently took an interest in Leshurr after hearing her cover of Chris Brown’s ‘Look At Me Now’.

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