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IPOB’S PYTHON DANCE A Short Note by Uche Nnadozie

They arranged a bail for him with conditions. He spurned all the conditions and dared the government. Ohaneze did not say anything, Abia state government did not say anything, South East governors did not say anything. All the abroadians and “intellectuals” who live in Abuja, PH, Lagos, etc did not say anything.

As soon as he threatened the upcoming Anambra elections, Ohaneze said something. Anambra state government said something. South East governors said something. Because a pot of soup had been threatened. They even called him to a meeting. But he maintained his cocky stand.

He turned around in a bid to continue to be in the news, decided to launch a Security Service. Asked his supporters to burn down the country; Ohaneze, Abia state, south east governors did not say anything. If anything at all, they aided him as according to them he was expressing his rights.

Before now, the veepee called everyone to a meeting. Good man, he tried to approach the matter with gumption. You expected some caution from the other side. No! They made the veepee look stupid. Kanu continued his PDP and Igbo elite sponsored defiance. Kanu did not only carry on with his haughtiness, he disgraced the police everywhere he went.

Then the military steps in, Ohaneze begins to lecture me on Human Rights? Abia state begins to speak up. All in Support of Kanu and IPOB. Nevertheless, the federal government must realize that PDP/IPOB does not own Igboland and as such cannot determine where it’s allegiance lie.

Let all processes (legal) be taken to protect the integrity of the country as there is no country called Biafra. And Nigerians living in Igboland need to be protected by the Nigerian state, now. The country should no longer tolerate megaphones who seize the destiny of part of the country on a warped agenda called political/secessionist agitation.”

Uche Nnadozie

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