Shade Ladipo –“Paddy Adenuga Suffering From Delusions of Grandeur”

Popular television media personality, Shade Ladipo has slammed the son of the billionaire, Mike Adenuga, after he claimed his business success was a result of his own personal grit, success and hard work.

Adenuga, who once had the opportunity to acquire Chevron Netherlands, penned a memoir of the incident, and said the feat was a result of his own tenacity and can do spirit and did not attribute much of his success to the mileage his father’s pedigree affords him.

shade ladipo
shade ladipo.

Paddy had drawn significant social media attention, weeks ago, when he posted on social media his dislike for women who wear wigs and weave on. Needless to say his comments were not a hit with Nigerian women.

Ladipo, took him to town over his latest statements concerning his business success. In a series of tweets, she said, “I wonder what that article by Paddy was trying to achieve …. it reeked of entitlement and privilege Swiss village Townhouse in London Nicolas Lavrov I’m laughing because in his mind this is a success story based on his own achievements.

“Can someone tell Paddy Adenuga to take several focking seats at the back and Cut the bull shit Your privilege and fathers name got your through to exactly where you are Accept it & run with it Even Davido has accepted his own Ugggh.

“How could a 29-year-old Nigerian have found himself in a position to buy Chevron’s business in the Netherlands?’ With his fathers influence Dumbass And he probably wasn’t wondering how but why, especially since we all assumed you were a lazy bum.

“It’s amazing how being an entrepreneur is considered so cool that everybody and their rich son now want to add it their story But as shallow as his article is, I’ve heard some people say LBS should use it as a Case Study and I laugh in Chinese.

“Having an advantage and making headway doesn’t make you less an entrepreneur but pls try not to pay yourself on the back Consider yourself lucky & pay it forward.

“This is not beef oh because studies have shown that children born in wealth hardly ever make their own legacy It’s just laughable how no one can see through the rubbish Take away every Access he has & I posit to you Paddy Adenuga could not have achieved anything he did.”

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