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Chronicle of Naija Celebs | Etinosa Going Nude On Mcgalaxy’s IG Live.

Mcgalaxy (Innocent Udeme Udofot), Nigerian singer and music writer might have found a very lucrative ways of promoting his music. Mr Mc Galaxy has a friday program which he called the ‘freaky friday’.

Mc Galaxy

The first one he held was on march 1st and it ended with a controversy of a lady who went naked to win a prize money of N50,000 where many critics found Mc galxy guilty of not ending the video as soon as the fan went naked.

Last night was another episode Mcgalaxy ‘freaky friday’ and this time it was Etinosa Idemudia, a social media influential who is known for comedy skit and has featured Nollywood actors including Daniel K Daniel.

Etinosa Idemudia

Many critics blame Mc galaxy for the now viral video of Etinosa’s nude, saying he could have stop the video but was also watching it while pretending to be closing his eyes.

Below is a comment conservation between Mcgalaxy and Etinosa telling him he will be on his live IG to strip.

Here are what some of the fans are saying about Etinosa’s nude and whose fault was it.

Etinosa and Depression

Some believes the actress is going through depression of not getting notice by lots of fans after several skits on instagram. Below is a video from Etinosa’s instagram page few days before she went nude on Mc galaxy’s freaky friday.

Here is a screenshot of Etinosa’s response to TundeEDnut who she called a Hypocrite

This is Not Etinosa First Time Going Nude

In 2018, during Dbanj‘s birthday, actress Etinosa shared a top nude picture of her along with a picture of Dbanj.

After all it said and done, actress Etinosa realized her mistakes and said she does not wish to repeat it again.

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