Extortion Rackets Between Nigeria Police and Prisons.

With rising corruption in Nigeria, which has put the country in the 144th position out of 18lists according to corruption perception index of 2018, many citizens blame the government for every little corruption at the top while the citizen also involves in there own ‘Little corruption’.

In 2013, the Central Bank of Nigeria rolled out a $1.3 billion fund to provide inexpensive loans to small businesses across the country. Less than two years later, however, $236 million had been hastily disbursed from the fund, given out to twenty-four state governors—with few strings attached—on the eve of the 2015 elections. Four years on, none of these states has provided a detailed list of entrepreneurs that received loans under the program. Instead, evidence suggests many governors outright embezzled most or all of the funds. –QZ

A concern Nigerian shed lights on the extortion rackets within the police and prison system.

Are you aware that SARS/Police can pick you up, demand money from you and if you refuse, you can be charged for “armed robbery“. Guess what? The magistrate is going to remand you in Ikoyi or Kirikiri prison and send your file to the DPP for advice. That advice takes 2-12 months You may not get how bad things have become. Let me explain. If a Magistrate/judge grants you bail for a bailable offence, in most cases you are asked to produce 2 sureties who are responsible, gainfully employed and reside within the court’s jurisdiction. Your sureties are going to produce all manner of documents, ranging from letter of employment, TCC, letter of recommendation from your lawyer and their employers, utility bills, rent receipts etc. The extortion process kicks in You know these court clerks? They are not going to process anything until you drop from 3-10k. Your sureties are going to be interviewed by the magistrate. If they fail, you start the process again. If they scale through, the prosecutor is supposed to verify their home address/place of work. My dear, you are going to bribe the prosecutor with 20-30k to do their jobs! If you refuse, LOL. Remeber you’ve been moved to Ikoyi/Kirikiri while waiting for your bail to be perfected When they’ve successfully “verified” your sureties the magistrate is going to sign your release warrant. Court clerk would also extort an additional 2k to move the file to the magistrate and photocopy your release warrant You think your release warrant is signed & you are free? Prison officials gonna ask you for 10-20k to Fast-track the release. You know the funny part, all these criminals (Police, prosecutor, Prison officlas, court clerks/registrar) believe that politicians are our sole problem. They also do morning devotion and pray 5 times daily I’m genuinely frustrated when I see people locked up for the flimsiest of reasons because the system is broken. The country has failed them. Lawyers have allowed this rubbish to continue

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