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Twitter Users Drag Pastor Adeboye for advising his son to fire His Secretary

The general overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church Pastor Adeboye was dragged on twitter by aggrieved followers after the 77 years old pastor said he once advice one of his sons to fire a lady secretary as this is a strategy of the devil to ruin their marriage.

Pastor Adeboye

Pastor Adeboye’s Twitter thread which he tags “crush that crush.” wrote :

Today, I will be focusing on the married. It is sad that many married people are still having crushes with persons apart from their spouses. If there is any fellow aside from your spouse you are admiring unduly, you must see such a person as the devil and get rid of them immediately. One of my sons once told me that he was always excited to resume in the office every Monday because he would get to see his secretary again. I told him to fire her immediately. Nothing and no one is worth your marriage.

The tweet was met with mixed reactions as many are of the opinion that the lady in question was rendered jobless for a fault that is not hers and that Pastor Adeboye should have cautioned his son to focus on his marriage instead.

However, some others are of the opinion that the advice is right as most people usually talk about cutting off people that they believe are not good for their mental health.

Check out some reactions to the tweet below:

  • So what happens if the next secretary makes him more excited than the one he fired?! Will he keep on firing people for his own inability to keep his emotions in check???
  • Wale Gate: Pastor, What part of employment law is this? Will this hold in an employment tribunal? In a place where there are laws ‘your son’ will be paying out loads. Finally, Why should an innocent woman lose their job cos ‘your son’ couldn’t control himself? That “Secretary” is someone’s loved one too, someone’s daughter, she probably has people who depend on her for survival, education & health bills. She might even be your tithe paying member too. E jeka maa fi dida ara wa.
  • Uncle Demola : You asked your son to render his secretary jobless over a possible non-issue that is not her fault, when you can simply just tell your son to behave himself and honor his own marriage if you suspect that there’s more to the excitement? E wildddddddddd gaan Sir!
  • Savage King : I totally uphold the sayings of daddy GO. The bible in Matt 5:29-30 better explains this. It doesn’t entirely mean you should cut your body but that particular thing that will enable you sin. So sacking her is a good one for me because it justifies everything the bible says.
  • Tony jesse: Pastor Adeboye “Daddy GO” said absolutely nothing wrong in that thread asking the son to “fire secretary” the only mistake was that he didn’t ask him to get the young lady another job.
  • Omojuwa: Forget religion for a minute. How do you justify a woman losing her job just because her boss finds her attractive and has no control over his own desires? How many women will have to lose their jobs before such a boss gets a grip of his own desires? Women suffer the most really.
  • Mr Zeal : Calvary greeting Daddy G O. But Who needed a fire, the innocent secretary who probably didn’t even know that your “lustful son” is getting excited about seeing her? Shouldn’t you have subjected your son to some kind of deliverance from lust?
  • Obi Of Onitsha: Pastor Adeboye asked his son to fire his secretary because he couldn’t control the ecstasy of working around her. An innocent woman lost her job for nothing and people are replying, “More grace to Daddy.” I don’t understand, grace to fire more innocent people??

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