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Katsina Divorce Woman Makes 1.4million Naira weekly by Selling Local Sweets

Ramatu also known as baby is a woman who lives in Fadima village in Katsina state Nigeria. With over 70 staff, she is reportedly the largest employer of labor in her village through her business of local sweets called “Charbin mallam”.


In an interview will “Cliqq TV”, Ramatu revealed how she sold up all her properties to start up her business after a messy divorce with her husband.

Ramatu also revealed how her mother and brother refused to loan her money to start-up life. “I was taught how to make the local sweets (Charbin mallam) by my aunt. After I had a divorce with my husband, I decided to learn something, which I did from my aunty. I begged my mother and brother money to help me to start up the business but they both refused to assist me. So I decided to sell up my properties and invest hugely in the business.” Ramatu told Cliqq TV.

Charbin mallam

Today, Ramatu makes more money from the business than her aunt who taught her.

Charbin mallam is a local sweet in Hausa land that is made with sugar and coconut, then tied in bits with nylon. “I make use of 10 to 13 bags of sugar daily and I make sales of 200 thousand naira daily” Ramatu added.

Her local sweet is sold across the 34 local governments of Katsina state and beyond. Ramatu also went further to plead to the government and private sector to help invest so as to standardize the business for her.

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