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Presidency Refutes Report of an attack on Buhari in Kebbi

The Presidency has described as false and untrue social media reports on the alleged attack on President Muhammadu Buhari in Argungu, Kebbi State, on Thursday.

A statement by the President’s spokesman, Mr Femi Adesina, late Thursday night, said a young man had attempted to greet the president at a closed range but was prevented by security officials.

” A young man was very excited to see his President at the Argungu fishing festival. He made to walk straight to him for a handshake. Security details prevented it. Now, opposite people are passing it off as an attempt to attack the President. How malicious can some people be! “-@Femiadesina

The presidential said: ”As the President went round the arena to inspect rice pyramids on display, and take photographs with farmers, a young man was so very excited to see his President so close. He made an attempt to get to him.

  • Femi Fani kayode | I don’t know what that young man had in mind but this is the first time that I have ever heard of a citizen wanting to “greet” his President by charging at him. Must this Government lie about everything? Must they put a spin on every event? Do they think that we are fools? ..And by the way, if all he wanted to do was to give “his President a handshake” because he was “very excited” to see him then why shoot the poor boy in the leg?
  • Gimbakakanda | I just gathered that Buhari is in Kebbi state for the Argungu fishing festival. God will punish Coronavirus for reducing our President to a guest of such village gathering. How do you go from rolling with the Donald Trumps of this world in DC to enduring heatwaves in Argungu?
  • Okonadiza | Even London, his usual hibernation spot where he gets treated for headache, he has refused to go there in a long time. This President is now ready to attend New Yam Festival in Nnewi, Ojude Oba in Ijebu and Eyo Festivity in Lagos. Corona is a bastard walahi.

”World over, such would not be allowed by security details. The young man was prevented, and he protested that he should be allowed to greet his President. ”Now, professional contortionists are making mischief of the event. They are passing the video clip off on social media as an attempt to attack the President.”Malicious people always twist things to give a negative narrative. But they simply dash their heads against the wall. The country moves on.”

Buhari was in Kebbi State on Thursday to declare open the Argungu Fishing and Cultural Festival. It was the first time the international tourism event would hold in 11 years, as security considerations had rendered it impracticable.

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