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Coronavirus: TB Joshua Reveals when the Disease Will End

Nigerian Pastor T.B. Joshua, on Tuesday, declared that the coronavirus pandemic which has caused worldwide panic will vanish before the end of March 2020.  

“The noise of coronavirus would be silenced before the end of March 2020”, T.B Joshua said.   The cleric further said that the effect would be felt worldwide throughout the rest of the year.  

T.B. Joshua made the statements while answering several questions related to the coronavirus outbreak on his official Facebook Page.   He described the unprecedented situation as a “test of faith”, which Jesus Christ hinted at in his prayer that Simon Peter’s faith would not fail.  


TB Joshua said he didn’t see anything to panic about as God’s promise for believers would be for them to overcome. “Real faith thrives on a test. If there was nothing serious in the past to test our faith, here is something to test our faith in a unique way – a real situation”“I say again, it is the remnants we are seeing. The real coronavirus is gone. But what the coronavirus has caused – economic backlash, fear – will linger until the end of the year,” he predicted.  

TB Joshua also commented on the fear that has enveloped many nations due to coronavirus. “Fear exposes the level of our relationship with God. Fear means we are not serving God with all our hearts. The opening of the eyes of our faith will be the silencing of our fears”, he added.

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