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World’s Most Expensive Sheep Sold For $490K

The world’s most expensive sheep was sold last week during an auction in Scotland.

The six-month-old ram, named Double Diamond, sold for 350,000 guineas — around $490,000 — after bidding at the Scottish National Texel sale started at 10,000 guineas.

The auction ended with an agreement for three farms to share the record-setting sheep.

“It’s just like every other business — horse racing or the cattle business,” Jeff Aiken, one of the sheep’s new owners, told The Guardian. “Every once in a while something special comes along and yesterday an extra special Texel turned up. Everyone wanted a piece of it.”

“In the pedigree breed you start looking at the smaller characteristics of the sheep —the hair, the color, the shape of the head,” Aiken told the BBC. “We had to pay that amount of money to get the genetics.”

Aiken added that the “obscene” amount was not indicative of the health of the farming industry in the UK.

Hexel are a very muscular type of sheep that produces very lean meat and fleeces with unique color patterns and pass those characteristics to their progeny, meaning Double Diamond will be put to work siring many new generations with more muscly frames and eye-catching coats.

Texel sheep hail from a small island in the Netherlands and regularly fetch five-figure prices, according to the Texel Sheep Society.

The previous record for a sheep sold in the United Kingdom was more than $307,000 for sheep sold in 2009.

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