Shade Ladipo –“Paddy Adenuga Suffering From Delusions of Grandeur”

Popular television media personality, Shade Ladipo has slammed the son of the billionaire, Mike Adenuga, after he claimed his business success was a result of his own personal grit, success and hard work.

Adenuga, who once had the opportunity to acquire Chevron Netherlands, penned a memoir of the incident, and said the feat was a result of his own tenacity and can do spirit and did not attribute much of his success to the mileage his father’s pedigree affords him.

shade ladipo
shade ladipo.

Paddy had drawn significant social media attention, weeks ago, when he posted on social media his dislike for women who wear wigs and weave on. Needless to say his comments were not a hit with Nigerian women.

Ladipo, took him to town over his latest statements concerning his business success. In a series of tweets, she said, “I wonder what that article by Paddy was trying to achieve …. it reeked of entitlement and privilege Swiss village Townhouse in London Nicolas Lavrov I’m laughing because in his mind this is a success story based on his own achievements.

“Can someone tell Paddy Adenuga to take several focking seats at the back and Cut the bull shit Your privilege and fathers name got your through to exactly where you are Accept it & run with it Even Davido has accepted his own Ugggh.

“How could a 29-year-old Nigerian have found himself in a position to buy Chevron’s business in the Netherlands?’ With his fathers influence Dumbass And he probably wasn’t wondering how but why, especially since we all assumed you were a lazy bum.

“It’s amazing how being an entrepreneur is considered so cool that everybody and their rich son now want to add it their story But as shallow as his article is, I’ve heard some people say LBS should use it as a Case Study and I laugh in Chinese.

“Having an advantage and making headway doesn’t make you less an entrepreneur but pls try not to pay yourself on the back Consider yourself lucky & pay it forward.

“This is not beef oh because studies have shown that children born in wealth hardly ever make their own legacy It’s just laughable how no one can see through the rubbish Take away every Access he has & I posit to you Paddy Adenuga could not have achieved anything he did.”

Speed Darlington Shades Davido for always boasting with his Father’s Name

Speed Darlington, who is the son of late singer and traditionalist, Pericoma, is shading singer Davido for always announcing who his father is and using his name to climb the social ladder.

Davido and dad Adedeji Adeleke,billionaire and founder of Adeleke University.

He shared a throwback photo of himself and his siblings with his father taken years ago, then said that though his father was well known, he never used his name to get anywhere unlike Davido aka OBO [omo baba olowo-son of the rich].

He wrote: “I never use his name to get myself anywhere even though I could. Unlike #obo whom is always announcing.

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Kemi Olunloyo Begs Pastor Ibiyeomie, Vows To Spend Her Life In Salvation Ministry [video]

Kemi Olunloyo, daughter of a former governor of Oyo State, and a US-trained controversial journalist has attended Salvation Ministry where she asked Pastor David Ibiyeomie for forgiveness.

Kemi was locked up in Port Harcourt prison by the pastor after she accused him of dating and buying expensive cars for some Nollywood actresses.

The journalist, known for making shocking revelations about people, was released from prison last week, after spending over 3 month in her second stint.

kemi olunloyo
Kemi olunloyo attending evening prayers at Salvation ministries.

In a post shared on her Instagram page, @HNNAfrica, Kemi, who cried out during the week that her health was failing her, also claimed that a touch by the Pastor healed her of asthma and migraine.

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She wrote, “@david_ibiyeomie officially helps me surrender my life to Jesus.

“Yesterday Tuesday 16th of January 2018 marked 7 days I left Portharcourt prison.

“Been doing outdoor therapy as instructed by my psychotherapist. Venturing out safely into neighborhoods which I’ve been doing as part of my treatment of depression.

“I normally go to 3pm prayers at the Catholic church down the street to get spiritual energy. Last night, I decided to go to New GRA to worship at#Salvationministries.

“I walked into the kingdom of God like no other. This church was very different. I was lifted! They were having 4.30pm prayers after a 21 day fast. I joined them in an energized service in a God anointed mega church. I ate communion and drank wine. The Lord was everywhere!

“After service I asked security personnel to meet Pastor Ibiyeomie privately in his office to pray for me. The men in black suits took me to a waiting room and then asked me to come in.

“There were 5 pastors in the room watching. Two were my prosecuting lawyers, then I walked up to him telling him I was the one he locked up in prison! I knelt down and he grabbed my hands.

“Suddenly my all day asthma wheezing and migraine vanished! He had divine powers of some kind. He prayed for me, told me he had forgiven me long time ago and repeated it in front of me again. I told him I was not bitter and have forgiven him too.

“I have decided to serve God and it will be through Salvation Ministries and him.

“Pray that the holy spirit transforms#DavidIbiyeomie into a greater realm of sensitivity, revelation, and divine direction that will give birth to manifestation of the holy spirit in time for next week 22nd-26th January 2018 when he invited me for his #5NOG 5 nights of glory. He says miracles happen during that week.

“My miracles started last night. I will give my compelling testimony soon. I am never leaving PH again. I begin serving the Lord here working in his church and will stoop to conquer flying my flags with Jesus here at Salvation Ministries.”

“How I Discovered I was adopted from a Foster Home” – Joke Jacobs

Joke Jacobs, veteran Nigerian actress has revealed that she was adopted by the late E.A Silva, a lawyer, and his late wife, Abimbola Silva.

Mrs. Silva, who was the third Nigerian woman to qualify as a medical doctor, died in July 2015. The 56-year-old actress disclosed this at the first Annual Conference of Heritage Adoption Support and Advocacy Group, which held at Federal Palace Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos.

joke jacobs
Joke jacobs

A closely guarded family secret, this is the first time that the actress would be revealing that she was adopted over five decades ago from a foster home, run by the Red Cross in Lagos.

Speaking at the occasion, which had the wife of the Vice President, Dolapo Osinbajo in attendance, Mrs. Jacob gave an account of her experience as an adopted child.

She said, “Living in a foster home of the Red Cross in Yaba, Lagos, Everybody would be calling me whenever my adopted mum (Dr. Silva)came with cakes and a lot of things during her visit. I went to YWCA Nursery, which was not too far from the Silva’s home in Yaba. I also have memories of moving in with them when they moved to Glover Road in Ikoyi.

“I remember reading newspapers to my Dad in our sitting room and pronouncing Brig-General Aguyi Ironsi, the then Nigeria Head Of State, ‘Agolo Iresi!’ My father could not stop laughing at my hilarious interpretation of the newspaper. Also, I remember making them proud, when performing at St. Saviour School. My parents would be standing and were congratulated by other parents too for my acting skills. My parents were so excited that this child was incredibly talented.

The Big Revelation

“I remembered going out with my cousin and we met a big cousin. She introduced me as ‘my cousin’s daughter and this is Dr Silva’s daughter.’ Then, the older cousin was like, ‘Dr. Silva ke? Se Doctor Silva bimo ni? (Meaning does Dr. Silva have a child?) . Did Dr Silva ever have a child?

“I was so confused and when I got home I told my mum, ‘I met this lady that says you never had a child.’ My mum froze and she said, ‘don’t mind them, they are used to rubbish talk.’

Joke and Husband Olu jacobs

“But I got to know years later when I wanted to travel and was looking for my passport where my mum kept it. Since she was not around, I opened the box in her absence and I saw my adoption papers. I never discussed it with my mum because I felt it was something that would hurt her that was why, it was kept secret from me.”

The actress also revealed that she was protected in Silva’s family will.

“Even in their wills, I was well protected. My daddy, being a lawyer said in his will, that all his children, both adopted and biological should be treated equally. I was not stressed in anyway. We were all well taken care of till my mum died at the age of 89.

“At 56, I still miss her but I know she has definitely gone back to her father. On her sick bed, I always sang her favourite tunes, she would be imputing the melodious tunes and she died singing to her Lord. She had prepared her family before my coming into her life because I had an incredible big Silva family.

“I have a very big family I am the first daughter, I carried the responsibility of a first daughter. Everybody in my family cannot take any decision until sister Joke has come. I can’t call my parents, adopted parents. They are my parents”

In his remarks, the HASSAG founder, Ituah Ighodalo, said his foundation aims at changing the negative perception of adoption in the society and render support to prospective adopters, adoptive parents and adoptees.

According to him, adoption is the solution to the growing problem of abandoned and vulnerable children in the society. The process will help make thousands of homeless children to be settled in loving homes.

“Adoption would depopulate our streets of children who can easily fall prey to all kinds of vices and become criminals and ultimately a threat to the society. Adoption transforms the lives of both childless couples and adopted children. Through adoption, loving and caring parents are able to fulfill a lifelong desire of having their own child. The culture of shame and stigma associated with adoption in our society must stop.”