Juliet Ibrahim Get Drag on Twitter After Calling bbnaija’s Housemate ‘Miracle’ Boring.

Juliet Ibrahim, the Ghanian actress got more than she bargains for after she called out housemate Miracle Ikechukwu as boring. According to social media monitors group, Miracle seems the fans favorite with a large fanbase on all social networks.

Juliet ibrahim

Juliet thinks Miracle was boring inside the house and refused to come out of his ‘comfort zone’ and that he is faking it inside the house just to win the heart of supporters.she wants people to support the famous drama queen in the house CEEC.

Was she the only celeb that thinks Miracle is boring? No, popular OAP osi suave also shared her opinion.

Below are some of the bashing she got from fans

They also brought his boo iceberg slim into the picture by comparing him side by side with miracle.

This year’s contestants are a cross-section of musicians, comedians, and entrepreneurs. The number of contestants increased from last year’s 12 housemates to 20 this year. Efe Ejeba emerged the winner of last year edition, taking home the 25 million Naira cash prize and an SUV.

The winner of the 78 – day contest will be given N45 million ($125,000)cash prize and a brand new SUV car. Big Brother Naija, which was introduced in 2006, is a special Nigerian version of the continental show Big Brother Africa.

Sauce Kid Released from US Prison

Sauce Kid, Nigerian rapper, whose real name is Babalola Falemi, also known as Sinzu, has been released from jail in the United States of America.

Sauce Kid

Sauce kid was jailed for two years for aggravated identity theft. The rapper was accused of stealing bank card numbers and identifying information of their owners. He allegedly stole $15,388 from the unsuspecting victims.

On Sunday, March 25, 2018, a video surfaced on Instagram, captioned “My bro is back!! SINZU”

In the video, Sauce Kid can be seen in a black T-shirt and red pant being welcomed home.

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When the news of his arrest first broke out in 2016 with his face mugshot, the Nigerian rapper denied the allegation as mere rumors.

“My family, friends and fans are the last people I wanted to disappoint right now, so I kept things on a need to know basis with those in my immediate circle. Paparazzi fans took it upon themselves to wish me well, thanks. I am taking care of what’s important right now, and working on new music as usual. Heard these streets been dry anyway. Industreet vol 2 coming soon 🔥💯. #Sinzu100Gang I appreciate all of you”

Shade Ladipo –“Paddy Adenuga Suffering From Delusions of Grandeur”

Popular television media personality, Shade Ladipo has slammed the son of the billionaire, Mike Adenuga, after he claimed his business success was a result of his own personal grit, success and hard work.

Adenuga, who once had the opportunity to acquire Chevron Netherlands, penned a memoir of the incident, and said the feat was a result of his own tenacity and can do spirit and did not attribute much of his success to the mileage his father’s pedigree affords him.

shade ladipo
shade ladipo.

Paddy had drawn significant social media attention, weeks ago, when he posted on social media his dislike for women who wear wigs and weave on. Needless to say his comments were not a hit with Nigerian women.

Ladipo, took him to town over his latest statements concerning his business success. In a series of tweets, she said, “I wonder what that article by Paddy was trying to achieve …. it reeked of entitlement and privilege Swiss village Townhouse in London Nicolas Lavrov I’m laughing because in his mind this is a success story based on his own achievements.

“Can someone tell Paddy Adenuga to take several focking seats at the back and Cut the bull shit Your privilege and fathers name got your through to exactly where you are Accept it & run with it Even Davido has accepted his own Ugggh.

“How could a 29-year-old Nigerian have found himself in a position to buy Chevron’s business in the Netherlands?’ With his fathers influence Dumbass And he probably wasn’t wondering how but why, especially since we all assumed you were a lazy bum.

“It’s amazing how being an entrepreneur is considered so cool that everybody and their rich son now want to add it their story But as shallow as his article is, I’ve heard some people say LBS should use it as a Case Study and I laugh in Chinese.

“Having an advantage and making headway doesn’t make you less an entrepreneur but pls try not to pay yourself on the back Consider yourself lucky & pay it forward.

“This is not beef oh because studies have shown that children born in wealth hardly ever make their own legacy It’s just laughable how no one can see through the rubbish Take away every Access he has & I posit to you Paddy Adenuga could not have achieved anything he did.”

Speed Darlington Shades Davido for always boasting with his Father’s Name

Speed Darlington, who is the son of late singer and traditionalist, Pericoma, is shading singer Davido for always announcing who his father is and using his name to climb the social ladder.

Davido and dad Adedeji Adeleke,billionaire and founder of Adeleke University.

He shared a throwback photo of himself and his siblings with his father taken years ago, then said that though his father was well known, he never used his name to get anywhere unlike Davido aka OBO [omo baba olowo-son of the rich].

He wrote: “I never use his name to get myself anywhere even though I could. Unlike #obo whom is always announcing.

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