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‘Pastors Yet To Reopen Churches Over COVID-19 Are Unbeliever’ —Oyakhilome

Senior Pastor and founder of Christ Embassy, Chris Oyakhilome, has condemned pastors that have refused to reopen their churches over fear of being infected with COVID-19.

The Nigerian Government had in March ordered the closure of churches and other worship centres due to COVID-19 outbreak.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

However, President Muhammadu Buhari on June 1 lifted the ban.

Some pastors including Tunde Bakare, Prophet TB Joshua and Sam Adeyemi have announced that their churches won’t reopen because it was still not safe to do so. 

“This is a great concern because there were churches that were thought to be churches until recently,” Oyakhilome said while addressing his followers.

We find a lot of ministers who were thought to be advocates of the gospel advocating for shutting down the churches. It is pressure like this that reveals what is a church and what is not. Do they really believe in God, the same God of the patriarchs in the Bible?

“I have laid hands on some of the most infectious people on earth and had no fear of being infected. The word of God guarantees life in Christ. When you get to that point where you are afraid of opening churches for fear of being infected, you have denied the faith. You never believed.

“You could be a preacher, but your fear and unbelief have put you in bondage. If Jesus is real and you have Him inside you, shouldn’t you be a healer of diseases? Should you be afraid?.”

Oyakhilome had earlier stirred controversy when he said that Coronavirus was caused by radiation from 5G Internet network and that it was part of the plan of the anti-Christ under a new world order. His position was met with stiff criticisms especially by the Nigerian Government, who described the claims as baseless.

Coronavirus: TB Joshua Reveals when the Disease Will End

Nigerian Pastor T.B. Joshua, on Tuesday, declared that the coronavirus pandemic which has caused worldwide panic will vanish before the end of March 2020.  

“The noise of coronavirus would be silenced before the end of March 2020”, T.B Joshua said.   The cleric further said that the effect would be felt worldwide throughout the rest of the year.  

T.B. Joshua made the statements while answering several questions related to the coronavirus outbreak on his official Facebook Page.   He described the unprecedented situation as a “test of faith”, which Jesus Christ hinted at in his prayer that Simon Peter’s faith would not fail.  


TB Joshua said he didn’t see anything to panic about as God’s promise for believers would be for them to overcome. “Real faith thrives on a test. If there was nothing serious in the past to test our faith, here is something to test our faith in a unique way – a real situation”“I say again, it is the remnants we are seeing. The real coronavirus is gone. But what the coronavirus has caused – economic backlash, fear – will linger until the end of the year,” he predicted.  

TB Joshua also commented on the fear that has enveloped many nations due to coronavirus. “Fear exposes the level of our relationship with God. Fear means we are not serving God with all our hearts. The opening of the eyes of our faith will be the silencing of our fears”, he added.

TB Joshua Prophesies on CoronaVirus-“It Will Rain for one Week and Will Vanish”

A Popular Nigerian man of God, Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua, who is widely known as T.B Joshua has spoken on the novel coronavirus.

In his post, he made a prophetic declaration that the Lord had revealed to him that there would be rainfall that would eventually wipe away the deadly coronavirus disease.

Tb Joshua

He indicated that after he had the revelation, he specifically pleaded with the Lord to make the rainfall start from Wuhan, China, where the first case of coronavirus was recorded.

According to him, the rain is expected to continue for a whole week.

In his post, he wrote;

“The purpose of this rain is to wipe out this epidemic called coronavirus and it will continue till the end of this week. Whether you come in contact with the rain or not, it does not matter. The Lord said to me that it will rain and it is raining. Glory be to God!”

Read Tb Joshua full prophesies below:

“Since yesterday, when the Lord brought the revelation about the rain and that this rain will wipe away the epidemic coronavirus, I asked the Lord to make this happen in the place where the coronavirus started which is Wuhan, China. Right now, it is raining in Wuhan, China. The purpose of this rain is to wipe out this epidemic called coronavirus and it will continue till the end of this week. Whether you come in contact with the rain or not, it does not matter. The Lord said to me that it will rain and it is raining. Glory be to God!” – Prophet TB Joshua

In confirmation, someone living within Wuhan, China – the epicentre of the coronavirus – contacted Emmanuel TV to explain that it has been raining in the city from morning until evening! It also started raining in Beijing, the capital city of China. Thank You, Jesus Christ!

Church Refuses to Hold a funeral for Member Over Three years Tithe Arrears

A Nigerian church has reportedly refused to hold a funeral service for one of their late members. The deceased’s offense? He has stopped attending service for three years and was not faithful in tithing throughout the period he stopped worshipping with them.

A Twitter user, Kelvin Odanz shared the story in a thread of tweets on the microblogging site but did not disclose the name of the church.

The story has since generated a series of reactions from netizens who claimed the practice is common in a particular orthodox church.

Kelvin said the deceased is the father of one of his colleagues.

He noted that the church insisted that before burying the deceased, his family must clear all his tithe arrears the man didn’t pay for three years.

Kelvin tweeted:

“A colleague’s father died and their church (name withheld) is refusing to officiate the burial. They claim he stopped attending the church and paying tithe 3 years ago. And if the church must bury him, the family has to pay all the tithe he didn’t pay in the last 3 years.

“I am utterly enraged and disgusted at the hypocrisy and greed that underlies religious practices in this country. At the end of the day, it is all about money even for the most pious of men of God. Fucking greedy exploitative idiots, cashing out on the rot in this country.”

He added:

“When the pastor needs help, wants to build a church or buy a car, the entire church contributes for such projects. But when you get sick and are at the verge of dying, the church merely offers you project. And when you die, they look for ways to profit from your death. Idiots.“

Corroborating Kelvin’s story, other social media users have camped in the comment section of his thread of tweets to share similar experiences.

  • @BimpeROyale: Lol. My dad’s church where he birthed and dedicated all his seven kids refused to come bury him cos they hadn’t seen him months prior to his death plus he died in December and they said they didn’t want bad news to disturb their December programmes
  • TosinPHD: Do you need a Pastor to Bury your loved Ones? It’s a NO… In fact, Prayers don’t work for the dead. The moment your heart stops that’s all. They should take the man to cemetery and Bury him… Church Burial is all ceremony and culture.
  • Bruce Lee Grandson | When my great-uncle was to be buried, they found out he was a RT Hon. Justice. The church asked the family to buy a bus, a video camera, and complete a block in the church’s quarters. The church made them pledge when they were at the alter without prior notice.