COZA: “Busola Dakolo Didn’t lie about Her Rape” – Pastor Biodun’s associate

Two former close associates of Biodun Fatonyinbo, the senior pastor of Common Wealth of Zion Assembly (COZA), have spoken out in support of Busola Dakolo after she made allegations of rape against him.

Pastor Busola Olotu of Daughters of Deborah International Ministry, Ilorin and Reverend Emmanuel Oset of Canan Ministry, Ilorin, both of whom were close associates of Fatoyinbo, have said they have had to interact with many women who had made similar accusations against him while he was still in Ilorin.

Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo and Busola Dakolo

Speaking on Arise Television, Olotu said she was first made aware of the rape incident in 2011 when Busola’s elder sister told her that Biodun had allegedly raped her.

Olotu said that from her interaction with Busola and the fact that three other women had made similar allegations against him, she knew that the allegations were true.

“I have known Fatoyinbo and his wife for many years and I was like a spiritual mentor to him while he was in Ilorin.

“In 2011, Funmi Ayeni, my spiritual daughter told me that her younger sister, Busola, was raped by Fatoyinbo. I was shocked because I could not reconcile the allegations to the person I knew. But when I spoke to Busola on phone, I could feel her pain and trauma and I knew she was speaking the truth.

“Sometime after that, I had a dream and I saw Fatoyinbo in that dream in bed with a woman who was not his wife and I confronted him in the dream and he told me that God’s grace was protecting him.

“After that, I went to meet his father in the Lord, Rev Oset and told him about my dream and he said did it mean that Biodun hadn’t stopped what he was doing? It was then I knew that he had done similar things in the past,” Olotu said.

After she narrated her experience, Oset confirmed that Olotu told him about the dream she had about Fatonyinbo and said he had also had to wade in, in the past when similar allegations were brought against Fatonyinbo.

Oset confirmed that after Fatonyibo started his church, he reached out to him to pray for him and he became his spiritual father but said he had to end their relationship after allegations of adultery were levelled against him (Fatonyinbo) in 2013 by Ese Walters, a former member of his church.

“I had been Fatonyibo’s spiritual mentor for years and have had to wade in when similar allegations were made against him. I investigated and the evidence against him was overwhelming but at the end, he promised that he would change.

“I had to cut off from him after a member of his church accused him in 2013 of having an extra marital affair. When that incident happened, I called him and told him that I wanted us to talk, but he kept avoiding me for many months.

“From August 2013 to April 2014, I kept putting pressure on him to come so we could discuss the issue but he avoided me. So I had to write him a letter telling him that I was no longer interested in being his mentor,” Oset said.

Stephanie Otobo Confesses–“Politicians Paid Me to Tarnish Image of the Apostle suleman (Video)

Stephanie Otobo, Canadian-based singer, who made news last year after the allegation of her sexual relationship with the Senior Pastor of Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleman, yesterday went to his church in Edo state and in front of his congregation, confessed that she lied against him. According to Stepahnie, she was paid heavily by some politicians to tarnish the image of the pastor.

stephanie otobo
stephanie otobo.

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She appealed to the pastor and his wife, Lizzy, to forgive her which they did. Mrs Suleman later prayed for her and said she has forgiven her.

Breaking News

Breaking News!!!Stephanie Otobo confesses: I was used and paid against Apostle Suleman.The only offense he committed was to have intervened in the numerous heinous crimes against the Church of Christ around the Nation and became a Voice for the Gospel. What followed was a well – doctored drama to attack the reputation of this Golden Voice and seemingly reduce the volume of his voice even as more evils were planned against the Church.After all the evil efforts, the secret agendas, the heavily funded set up and the unrelenting pursuits to snare an innocent man, they were futile.THE MASTER PLANNER HAS FINALLY VINDICATED HIS CHURCH & HIS SERVANT.This is not only a victory for God's Servant; it is a victory for the Body of Christ & The Church in Nigeria.Right before our eyes in the Fire & Miracle Night of Omega Fire Ministries’ International Worship Centre Auchi, the serial accuser & blackmailer; Stephanie Otobo, apologises to God’s Servant Apostle Johnson Suleman, his family, Church and the Body of Christ for the shameless show of deceits & lies, she and their paymasters embarked on sometime in 2017.Watch the video;

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TB Joshua–“2018 Will Be a Year of Battles”

Temitope Balogun Joshua, the founder of Synagogue Church of All Nations, says 2018 will be a battle for survival.

In a video of the church’s service on December 31, 2017, posted on YouTube, the cleric said he was waiting for ‘divine directives’ before releasing revelations for 2018.

tb joshua

Pastor TB joshua

However, he said the year would be filled with battles. “I am supposed to bring you the revelation of what you should expect next year,” Joshua said.

“I compiled everything but many of those things are things you know already – because the signs we are seeing now cannot be overcome just in a year.

“This coming year is a year you must be ready to fight the battle. It’s a battle year – a battle to survive. Think of your survival.

“It’s a year your children need to sit at your feet and learn from you. Share your experiences with them. It’s a parable. We are in a warfare where the serious-minded will be victorious.”

The pastor is popular for predicting things that would happen in the new year.

Pastor Toye Ebijomore 2018 Prophecies | What God told me about APC, PDP & 2019 election

Pastor Toye Ebijomore, founder and General Overseer of God’s Anointed and Blessed Church International, Ondo State, has prophesied that the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, would encounter problems in 2018.

Pastor Toye Ebijomore

Ebijomore said he saw the APC Chairman, John Odigie-Oyegun driving a “fully air-conditioning bus loaded with notable people but they were all sweating profusely.”

He said Oyegun’s driving caused an “annoying hold up until another person took the driving from him.”

In his prophecy for the year, the clergyman said APC will need to “change some of its officers.”

He also said Uche Secondus, the National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, will encounter issues with members of the party.

Ebijomore said he also saw a lot of quarreling around Secondus and they were “trading blames,” adding that the PDP Chairman will be disappointed with the attitudes of the party’s members.

The prophet stated that the Governor of Kogi State, Yahaya Bello will welcome a son with lamentations written on both hands.

  1. I inquired from the Lord of what the year 2018 will be for us in Nigeria. He made me saw thin people having fats on their body and short people becoming very tall and everyone look glossy in the skin. But, some later became thinner and shorter and very dry in the skin. Then, I heard that year 2018 shall be a year of Restoration and Greatness for us. But everyone that forsake the way of the Lord after the blessing shall become scornful objects in the public.
  2. The Lord will make the greatness of those who trust in him to manifest in this year.
  3. In this year, many seekers of the good things of life will get them in multiple
  4. The Lord will open shut wombs in this year for multiple and glorious children to come through them.
  5. There will be multiple job offer to many applicants in this year.
  6. There will be multiple incomes for the entrepreneurs and many States of the federation will clear the salary arrears of the Civil Servants before the end of the year because the Lord has commanded economic restorations for Nigeria.
  7. Those who are seeking for marriage partner will get multiple choices in this year. Hence, every child of God should pray well before taken any decision.
  8. I saw the Lord sitting on a throne and his ministers came round him on Nigeria issues. I said, O Lord, glory to your name for all you told me last year came to pass. President Buhari was rushed out of the country as you said through me. In the month of November, Atiku Abubakar left APC for PDP and I guessed that fulfilled the prophecy you made me said that somebody will rise against President Buhari and prevail in the month of November. Does that mean Atiku will be the next President? I heard, ‘no. He is not among them that will be President of Nigeria’.
  9. Then, I asked will Buhari be re-elected? I was told to see and I saw smokes in the heavens from the earth and a candle light in the midst of winds. The Lord said, the smokes are the sacrifices of my Servants on the earth which they made to me for his consideration, the candle light is the President and the winds are the troubles he (the Lord) will permit to take him away at anytime that my Servants cries to withdraws their sacrifices.
  10. I saw the PDP Chairman, Secondus, quarreling with everyone around him and they were all trading blames. He will be disappointed with the attitudes of his members.
  11. I saw Odigie Oyegun as a driver of a fully air-conditioning bus loaded with notable people but they were all sweating profusely and his driving caused an annoying hold up until another person took the driving from him. APC will meet needs to change some of its officers.
  12. I saw that sudden sadness towards the general election that caused for an emergency meeting of the political parties in Nigeria. We must pray to avert it and the merciful God will surely hear us.
  13. The governor of Kogi State will have a son born with a scroll on his hand written on both sides with lamentations. Fervent prayer against sad occurrences must be urgently organised for the Kogi State politicians.
  14. I saw an assassination plan that was perfected against a governorship aspirant in Ekiti but the Lord made him escaped it because he is a future governor of the State.
  15. The Lord is set to make Ondo State shine in glory. He has planned to stretch forth his hands for her sake. I saw a secret account being discovered. I saw many white men that are asking for the way to Ondo State but complaining that her gates are not opened. I asked the Lord what we can do and he told me to tell Ilaje land and Akure land to organize a ‘Glory Redemption Crusade’ that he will then lead them into the State.
  16. Satan want to raise battle against the churches in this year but the Lord has risen in advance to fight for every church that belongs to him.
  17. The UN votes against Jerusalem as the capital of Israel will not stand because I saw many countries supporting the US stand. I asked the Lord if the crisis will lead to world war as being speculated by some people and he answered me that it will not.
  18. The Lord said he will stop the operations of false prophets and he will fight those who are fighting his words.
  19. Kidnapping will reduce in this year but there will still be some serious security challenges in the country in this year.