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Adeboye Leads RCCG Members On a ‘Prayer Walk’ Over killings, Insecurity

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, Pastor Enoch Adeboye on Sunday led a massive protest against the insecurity situation across the country.

The protest was particularly against the constant killing of Christians in the North and other parts of the country. Adeboye and the protesters started the march at about 11 am shortly after the church service at RCCG’s National Headquarters in Ebute Metta, Lagos State.

Recall that Boko Haram had a few weeks ago beheaded the Chairman of Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, in Michika Local Government Area of Adamawa State, Reverend Lawan Andimi.

Reacting to Andimi’s execution the Christian Association of Nigeria accused the Buhari-led federal government of colluding with Boko Haram to kill Christians.

Here are some of the reaction from Nigerians on twitter.

  • Femi kayode: Pastor Enoch Adeboye and RCCG are conducting a protest march against the killings in the land.I commend them & hope that they will find the courage to accept that they made a mistake by supporting Buhari in the first place. Will RCCG Pastor Yemi Osinbajo will join in the march?
  • Zaddy Ajala: RCCG Nationwide are protesting against the ongoing genocide and insecurity in the country with Pastor Adeboye not left out of it. This is commendable, let’s hope many others will emulate this, enough is enough.
  • Ifa Funsho: RCCG, Catholic & Anglican Church are doing walking prayer in lagos They were praying calling Jesus to protect them from boko haram killing in Nigeria So Jesus is blind to see boko haram is killing people. Do they need to remind him again? I’m tired with level of our stupidity
  • Okunade: Pastor Adeboye was silent, you complained. Now he’s out leading a prayer walk against the killings and you’re still complaining that he should have involved the whole of CAN not RCCG alone. Can you see that you have a fundamental problem?
  • Mazi Gburugburu: We get easily aroused by optics. For the record: If RCCG( nationwide) protests in a day, the entire Service Chiefs will be out of jobs under one hour. If they sustain it for one week Sowore’s revolution call will be a child’s play. Can we now focus on the day’s bants? Jose >Pep.

Twitter Users Drag Pastor Adeboye for advising his son to fire His Secretary

The general overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church Pastor Adeboye was dragged on twitter by aggrieved followers after the 77 years old pastor said he once advice one of his sons to fire a lady secretary as this is a strategy of the devil to ruin their marriage.

Pastor Adeboye

Pastor Adeboye’s Twitter thread which he tags “crush that crush.” wrote :

Today, I will be focusing on the married. It is sad that many married people are still having crushes with persons apart from their spouses. If there is any fellow aside from your spouse you are admiring unduly, you must see such a person as the devil and get rid of them immediately. One of my sons once told me that he was always excited to resume in the office every Monday because he would get to see his secretary again. I told him to fire her immediately. Nothing and no one is worth your marriage.

The tweet was met with mixed reactions as many are of the opinion that the lady in question was rendered jobless for a fault that is not hers and that Pastor Adeboye should have cautioned his son to focus on his marriage instead.

However, some others are of the opinion that the advice is right as most people usually talk about cutting off people that they believe are not good for their mental health.

Check out some reactions to the tweet below:

  • So what happens if the next secretary makes him more excited than the one he fired?! Will he keep on firing people for his own inability to keep his emotions in check???
  • Wale Gate: Pastor, What part of employment law is this? Will this hold in an employment tribunal? In a place where there are laws ‘your son’ will be paying out loads. Finally, Why should an innocent woman lose their job cos ‘your son’ couldn’t control himself? That “Secretary” is someone’s loved one too, someone’s daughter, she probably has people who depend on her for survival, education & health bills. She might even be your tithe paying member too. E jeka maa fi dida ara wa.
  • Uncle Demola : You asked your son to render his secretary jobless over a possible non-issue that is not her fault, when you can simply just tell your son to behave himself and honor his own marriage if you suspect that there’s more to the excitement? E wildddddddddd gaan Sir!
  • Savage King : I totally uphold the sayings of daddy GO. The bible in Matt 5:29-30 better explains this. It doesn’t entirely mean you should cut your body but that particular thing that will enable you sin. So sacking her is a good one for me because it justifies everything the bible says.
  • Tony jesse: Pastor Adeboye “Daddy GO” said absolutely nothing wrong in that thread asking the son to “fire secretary” the only mistake was that he didn’t ask him to get the young lady another job.
  • Omojuwa: Forget religion for a minute. How do you justify a woman losing her job just because her boss finds her attractive and has no control over his own desires? How many women will have to lose their jobs before such a boss gets a grip of his own desires? Women suffer the most really.
  • Mr Zeal : Calvary greeting Daddy G O. But Who needed a fire, the innocent secretary who probably didn’t even know that your “lustful son” is getting excited about seeing her? Shouldn’t you have subjected your son to some kind of deliverance from lust?
  • Obi Of Onitsha: Pastor Adeboye asked his son to fire his secretary because he couldn’t control the ecstasy of working around her. An innocent woman lost her job for nothing and people are replying, “More grace to Daddy.” I don’t understand, grace to fire more innocent people??


Prophet T.B. Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, SCOAN, has revealed his prophecy for 2020 on what God told him about Nigeria’s health and agricultural sector

The renowned prophet also made revelations about the Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo.

TB Joshua

TB Joshua who spoke on the 2020 prophecies in a live service at his church, urged Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo to be more prayerful as he will be facing more pressure in the new year.

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The Cleric also prophesied that many leaders will be bedridden in 2020.

In his words; “Agriculture will help the economy because the economy will have a backlash. People should invest in agriculture. Let us farm to help the economy”

“This year will be a year of HUMILITY. This year, the Lord will humble us with our challenges. Challenges can be affliction, arrogance, pride, wickedness or bad habits. To humble us with these is for those things to destroy us or expose us. Let us move closer to God.

The cleric further warned that “There will be a common medicine that will cause people to be ‘high’ to die, to commit suicide, to think of what can lead to death. The governments of each nation should watch out and put a check on pharmaceutical drugs that come to their country”.

Other revelations by the prophet read; “America should invest more in agriculture because their economy will be affected. The economy they see today will be affected, so they should invest in agriculture and encourage their farmers. Also, approach to the security issue will affect the candidates and swing voters in the next election. It will be tough in the election. They should pray against a recount. It may be too tight.

Let us pray for the Nigerian government to be able to finish this year without an interlude that will cause a situation of for and against. Join me in praying for my nation.”

“Vice President, it is not yet over. Expect much more pressure. The pressure will be so much. I pray you will be able to stand the pressure. We join you in prayer”.

“Many sicknesses and diseases that leaders have been treating privately will surface this year. They will become bedridden and many will not make it”

“Russia should pray for their leader to avert his being on the sickbed. Something will surface. There is a ladder to go up – if this is averted”.

“An incident will happen to the nation Iran that will cause panic throughout the world. We are praying to know the mind of God concerning this”

“Work of God – people will be getting tired this year because the work of God is not by power and might; because of so many challenges, tribulations and burdens they will not be able to bear.”

“United Kingdom – there will be agitation from a section that wants to leave; that will become an issue. Also, pray for the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh against going in and out of the hospital; pray for God to give them revival. Pray for unity and understanding among the Royal Family – because of what I am seeing. Brexit needs more time to stand on its feet – with more co-operation of the EU leaders. If not, there will be economic repercussions and the cost of things will become unbearable. With time and preparation, all will be well”.

Primate Ayodele Releases Shocking 2020 Prophecies on Buhari, Tinubu, Osinbajo, others

Founder of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Oke-Afa, Ejigbo Lagos, Primate Babatunde Elijah Ayodele, has released prophecies for the year 2020.

Ayodele made the revelations public during Christmas at his annual fest gathering.

The cleric gave prophecies on Nigeria, prominent citizens including President Muhammadu Buhari, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo and national leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Tinubu, government agencies, the international community, among others.

Excerpts below:

“NIGERIA: Nigeria in the Diaspora will witness more troubles. I foresee incessant killings in the country as rioting will be on the increase. Nigeria 2020 needs to pray so well because I foresee so many things happening in the country. The country will face serious economic challenges.

I foresee that Budget 2020 will not drive the need of the people. The country needs prayers for guidance and God’s divine protection. Government should look for ways of working things out.

Let us pray against unexpected bomb explosion in Nigeria.

Let us pray against the death of a professor, a judge, a onetime civilian governor, a military officer, a minister and a business tycoon.

Let us pray against the death of a prominent banker.

The government should take steps to tackle the level of crime. The prices of gas will increase as there will be new electric stove.

“There will be issues and clashes between Yoruba and Hausa, Igbo and Hausa.

I foresee deportation of Nigerians in some countries and some Nigerians will be deported within Nigeria. Government will caution people that try to criticize their policy.

People will not be able to express their desire.

Democracy will cause a lot of problems and will break Nigeria. I foresee future referendum coming. A lot of things will happen in Nigeria. I foresee protest and counter protest against the government. Let the country pray against confusion. Nigeria will face a lot of challenges as they will embark on certain steps to normalize and checkmate its security challenges.

“Despite all this, there will still be security challenges in major parts of the country.

Let’s pray for God to protect
Federal Ministries that their office will not be involved in any fire incident.

The following states: Enugu, Kogi, Lagos, Ondo, Ekiti should be careful of erosion and flood and some parts of the north that have not experienced it before.

There will be too much population in the country. Nigeria is still sitting on a time bomb that may explode. The country should pray for peace and unity in the nation. I foresee a new flag in the world i.e. another country will emerge.

Some country will come out of another country.

“Let us pray to rebuke the death of a present and former Minister, former governor, and Former president in Nigeria.

The government of President Buhari will expose some former governors who are corrupt.

The government will make lots of efforts to move the country. APC will rise up against the government. Some government agencies will be scrapped due to internal inefficiencies. Lagos (EKO) Electric Distribution Company will face problems and also in Rivers, Kwara, Edo, Ebonyi, Kano and Cross Rivers.

I foresee that the 2023 election will pose serious tension as the Northern part will want to continue to be in power at all cost. They will do so many things so as to ensure they remain in power. The Yoruba clamouring to become the next president of the country should seek the face of God before they embark on any journey.

“The Igbo will not be recognized in 2023. The 2023 election will be so tough and challenging. The geo-political zones who have sold their right are still going to regret it because anybody that talks will be arrested or oppose what the government are doing will face so many threats. I foresee some people will oppose the decision of the government.

The Federal Inland Revenue Services (FIRS) should be committed into prayers and they will introduce a new tax system into the country.

Let us pray against calamity in the country.

There will be environmental pollution. Stock Exchange will experience changes in its leadership position. Some company license will be seized.

“I foresee unexpected explosions and fire outbreak in Nigeria.

Some Federal Ministers must be careful because some will face unexpected challenges in discharging their duties properly.

Let us pray against troubles in our security system.

Baby factories will be detected. The government will embark on new methods of sanctifying the state in order to make it free and cool the security of the country. Pensioners will demonstrate. Some state will not be able to pay their pensioners. Pensioners will go on strike.

Fraud will be detected in the Pension Board. Ghost workers will be detected by the Federal government.

“Let us watch against unexpected explosion and killings in Abuja. Herdsmen will come in various dimensions. Some state will work on cattle rearers which will not work as expected.

There will be attack on herdsmen. The president must pray to rebuke troubles. Nigeria will be concerned about the security challenges confronting the country. Nigeria will make security dominant in the country. Let us pray so that curfew will not be declared in some states and local government and let’s rebuke cases of emergencies in any of the sectors in the country.

I foresee the Villa being changed from its present location in the nearest future. I also foresee a new Presidential Villa being built.

“Let us pray to rebuke death and cases of fire in the Villa. Let us also be careful and watchful because of so many things that will be happening in the villa. Let us pray against attack and threat on the Villa. Let’s pray so that none of the presidential convoy will be attacked.

The government should be vigilant. President Buhari should take a rest in the month of April, May, August and September 2020 and he should watch his policies. I foresee drama in the Villa.

Let us pray for our governments so that none of them will be attacked. Some Ministers will be queried by the President. Some of the hidden agendas of the Ministers will be exposed.

Apart from this, Nigeria will experience what they have not being experiencing before. I foresee earthquake, landslide and earth tremor in Nigeria.

“Farmers will be assisted and encouraged by borrowing them money but the money will not be accounted for. Government will distribute fertilizers to the farmers so as to enhance their farm crops and fake fertilizers will be given also. I foresee the South-West will start producing food.

“Let us pray to rebuke attack in some neighbouring countries. Government will raise tax on tricycle riders in Lagos. The license method of C of O will be changed.

Tinubu will be betrayed. Osinbajo and Buhari will have problems as there will be moves to remove him from office even as I foresee the cabals working against Tinubu’s plan and they will be threat to question Tinubu.

Osinbajo must be prayerful because he will face counter challenges before the end of his tenure. Malabo oil scam will still rise. Some present and past politicians will be accused. The country needs lots of prayers as the Lord has blessed the country so much.

  • TOGO: I foresee people creating problem for this current government, it will face serious moves by those who want another person in power.
  • CHINA: Let the country rebuke earthquake and earth tremor. The country will make series of effort to dominate most of the African countries. China will have several issues to contend with. America and China issues will not end.
  • PAKISTAN: There will be a major flood and more troubles in the country.
  • INDIA: I foresee flood and a major natural disaster that will render many people homeless.
  • LIBYA: There will be a major protest. Killings will be rampant in the country.
  • NORTH KOREA: The country will not form an Alliance with America and this will be a threat to the world but will go on negotiation. North Korea will be work hard to achieve their aims and plans.
  • LEBANON: There will be crisis and attack in Lebanon. I see a new government in the country and the governments will a lot to stabilize the economy of the country but may not have effects.
  • SOUTH AFRICA: The President will have problems with members of the Senate. The xenophobic attacks will continue.
  • ZIMBABWE: There will be unrest and people will ask for a change of government. Flood will destroy some places in the country.
  • ISRAEL: The head of their capital will be changed. There will be unexpected attack in Israel. Foreigners in the country will be attacked.
  • GHANA: Opposition will unseat the present government in Ghana.
  • SRI LANKA: The country will experience troubles and massive attack.
  • SAUDI ARABIA: There will be confusion over some government changes. The country’s oil facilities will be blown and will witness price fluctuations of petroleum products. Dubai United Emirate must be careful of unforeseen crises and missile attack.
  • SOMALIA: Somalia will be attacked and also face crisis. The farm crops will be attacked by locust. The government will have so many issues. I foresee prolonged protests. Terrorists will strike in the country.
  • MALI: There will be gang up against the Malian president. The country should pray against protests and disorderliness.
  • GUINEA: The country will carry out a major protests against the present government and demand the incumbent president’s resignation.
  • FRANCE: The president will face some challenges and I foresee protest and attack in the country. France President should rebuke blackmail and pray for stability. His move for a second term will face face opposition as his party may experience internal troubles. Medical personnel will threaten strike.
  • RUSSIA: Russia and Iran will take several bilateral steps. Russia will face crisis, attacks and unexpected killings even as they country will witness shootings. The country will be faced with economic challenges and must be watchful about disbursing war planes to some countries.
  • GERMANY: Germany will face major problems and challenges in stabilizing their economy and expectations. Let’s pray against unexpected attack. There will be major calamities and protest in the country. The government should be careful as there will be new economic issue.
  • UNITED KINGDOM: Boris Johnson will have major challenges and will not be able to fix the economy. I foresee difficulties ahead of him. There will be heat wave. in United Kingdom. The country will experience climate changes and disasters. The country will witness attack and fire outbreak. UK will lose a prominent person. UN will face challenges there and they should against killings of their staffs. The UK and EU talk will not be fruitful.
  • UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: America will be attacked like that of September 11. There will be crisis in FBI and CIA as they will get some information wrong. Trump impeachment will not be realistic. Trump efforts to have a second term will be difficult. If the Democrats want to win, they should work Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania. Joe Biden will be the best candidate to unseat Trump. I see more killings in schools, shooting of policemen, fire outbreak, flood and an emergency situation in the country that may want to disrupt the power supply. FBI Director will be changed. America will lose a prominent person.